Monday, October 3, 2011

A deal with you too

I am a sales man, sell is what I do.

I can sell anything to you.

True Is my story knows the lord.

The first thing I sold, was my umbilical cord.

I was making deals before I could stand.

I got through school by being in a crappy band.

Easy it was, to get through university.

They let me pass for hiding their atrocity.

In the real world soon I was a big man.

Every corporation was my fan.

I was selling stuff across the earth.

They took my word for my goods worth.

I convinced the Indians, the Taj Mahal was mine.

I was selling to the French their own wine.

I brought half the world with my treachery .

My new product was slavery.

Weapons are what I sold to the hungry crowd.

To the market I brought the mushroom cloud.

I am not dead but I live in heaven now.

Also, I own a mansion here don’t ask me how.

I work for the devil and am protected by god.

Beyond your wit is my fraud.

In sleep sometimes I can hear my little girl.

She says I brought the hell to the world.

I whisper back to her these words,

I am a sales man sell is what I do.

I can make a deal with you too.


Pradeep Soni

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