Thursday, April 19, 2012


I write for pleasure and for money I draw.
It all is so awe.. (wait for it).. some I see no flaw.

The problem arises when I have to pay bills.
Every month end, pocket is like fish without gills.

Making ends meet is a financial jung.
Kisi mandir me jaakar bhagwan ki pooja karoon bhang.

Never comes a month when I can totally chill.
Hovering like a buzz kill is always a bill.

No wonder what I do I never get a raise.
My boss and colleagues say it is just a phase.

I say it’s a labyrinth an unsolvable maze.
Donkey chasing the carrot unending race.

Chalo ghar chalte hain mere bhai,
Is jivan me nahi badhegi kamai.

Lets drink a pint as we have some time to kill.
Psst… can you please pay my bill.

Pradeep Soni