Tuesday, October 5, 2010

No Regrets

She was with a friend, when we were out one night.
There was a spark, and the moment felt right.

I got bold and she was on fire.
She touched my lips and unleashed a desire.

Soon, she became every breath of mine.
With her, I was always on a smoky cloud number nine.

Every moment I craved for her,
Countless moments I saved for her.

Soon occurred to me, she had to go.
As I was reaping, what I did sow.

My friends and family parted with me.
As I was an addict and the reason was she.

Parting was difficult, difficult as hell.
But was ringing hard, the danger bell.

She left me with a longing, longing for more.
Often in desperation I went knocking, door to door.

Now when I see her touching someone else’s lip.
I feel her need and loose my grip.

I have to say it out loud, say it without regret.
I badly miss you my

Pradeep Soni


  1. sahi hai :) very nice .

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