Thursday, June 17, 2010

mice demise !

My friend was bearing, as he was a little mouse,
soon he moved in with his sweet tiny spouse.

Then my friend couldn't sleep all night,
as they squeaked too often and were only out to fight.

He tried to lure them with some cheese and bread,
but was shocked to see as they had little ones to be fed.

On the notes of mercy, the song went on.
The mice kept squeaking, all nite till dawn

The mice ate up all the cheese and bread,
and bit down the house to shred.

My friend constructed his own demise,
but left me with a piece of advice.

If you have a house,don't keep a mouse,
if so, don't ever let him move in with his spouse.

If so and the sound of squeaking becomes very active,
the mice don't understand a thing about contraceptive.

pradeep soni

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